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Miller Title and Closing Services is a locally owned full service real estate title company where we leverage 24 years of comprehensive real estate industry experience to produce a high quality seamless real estate end proceeding for you and your clients.

We recognize the cost of your time and our agile and customer-centric team will create value for you and your clients with the flexibility of remote closings and non-standard appointment times.

We also add the advantage factor of being able to perform title searches, escrow services and short sale servicing to again enable you to provide further value to your clients throughout the property buy or sales transaction.

If your client is new to the home buying process, please share with them this link to help them understand the closing process and our professional staff will carefully walk them through their closing experience.

What to Expect at Closing,- Key Steps to Getting The Keys

East Peoria Branch

134 McKinley St
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: (309) 713-3707

Peoria Branch

6035 N. Knoxville, Suite 105
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 713-3707

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